Women in Construction: A Challenge that Became Reality

“Women in Construction: A Challenge that Became Reality” by IOANNA STAVRIDOU, Msc. Senior Structural Engineer, BESIX

Astronomy for Mothers: An Opportunity for Learning and Connection

In this talk, I will discuss an astronomy outreach project focused on mothers. I will explain why we decided to focus on this audience and how the project has progressed over the years.

This Diasporic Space … Creative Renderings, Critical Reflections

This presentation places in conversation two genres of writing diasporas––poetic and scholarly.

"Κουβέντες μακρινές" με τη Βασιλική Ράπτη

The Marrying of Greek Roots with the Intimate Physicality of Daily/Sacred Life


The Bliss of Swinging in Language: Crossing Borders in Poetry & Translation

A Citizen TALES Commons Online Film Screening

A Citizen TALES Commons Online Film Screening. Hit the Road takes the tradition of the Iranian road-trip movie and adds unexpected twists and turns.


Counter to the conventional perception of modernism as ahistorical, there have been many recent academic and critical efforts to historicize it.

French-speaking women playwrights in the Balkans (talk in greek)

Cornelius Castoriadis and Democracy as a Tragic Regime

A Citizen TALES Commons Online Lecture Introduced and Moderated by Vassiliki Rapti, Ph. D.

The Civic Imaginary: What if the great Polish playwright didn’t write plays?