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Citizen TALES Commons!

A niche of creative scholarship, co-creation and an open communication platform revolving around issues of citizenship in the service of the public good. Employing human-centered design, like a Greek chorus, Citizen TALES Commons amplifies our collective voice through podcasting, while empowering each individual member’s voice.

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Citizen TALES Commons is a collective that fosters intellectual freedom, cross-pollination and co-creation through an open communication platform surrounding issues of citizenship.

Our aspiration is to transform collaborative, multidisciplinary intellectual labor into meaningful experiences that move beyond traditional modes of academic production and dissemination of knowledge. Like a Greek chorus, Citizen TALES unites and amplifies diverse voices on the topic of citizenship, while empowering its members to raise their individual voices through empathy in the service of equitable futures.

We invite scholars, graduate students, artists and curious minds across disciplines, languages and cultures who have experienced some sort of exclusion in their lives—especially in academia—and wish to collectively reimagine equitable futures. Employing human-centered design and participatory methodologies, each member spearheads an individual project. Citizen TALES co-creates and shares content both nationally and internationally via partners like The Theatre Times, Levure Littéraire and Poeticanet.

The collective support manifests in many forms and platforms. Regular meetings, lectures and workshops are held at the Engagement Lab @ Emerson College. Other connecting spots include Harvard University’s Ludics Seminar at Mahindra Humanities Center, the José Mateo Ballet Theatre and iCivics Educator Network. During meetings, we focus on the numerous aspects of citizenship, while honing our skills in critical thinking, textual criticism, poetry translation and creative writing. In collaboration with the Missing Link Studios, podcasting is our chosen medium to discuss and represent these topics.