The Youth Mentorship Forum on Civic Innovation is led by youth for the youth, under the guidance and mentorship of Citizen TALES members. It provides a safe and open forum for youth interested in learning and the pursuit of humanistic and scientific inquiries revolving around civic spaces, ethics and civic responsibility. It aims to foster scientific curiosity, creativity, innovation and community-building, in order to prepare the future civic leaders and seekers of solutions to global challenges.

In collaboration with our mentors, we are organizing different initiatives so that we can become mentors for other youth in our communities and beyond. These include the following initiatives: 

The Virtual Lecture series on Civic Spaces

In the frame of this initiative, we invite pioneer scholars and artists at the forefront of their fields to inform our youth community about the latest trends in their fields, and together to imagine possible future spaces, where sustainability, civic ethics and innovation commingle for a better world. So far we have hosted the following talks:

Mini libraries in Sifnos

A project on the island of Sifnos in the summer of 2024, in collaboration with the organization “Bring your Chair”; we will host mini libraries with books in different languages for all locals and travelers to enjoy on five different popular beach destinations around the island, each beach having a different theme related to the rich history of the island!