WikiConference North America 2019

Posted on May 8, 2021
Dear all;
We are thrilled to announce our participation to "WikiConference North America 2019" at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge (November 8-11)! If you will be in or around Cambridge, please join us and our fresh discussions on the conference topic!
Here is our abstract:
Citizen TALES* Commons: A Collaborative Multi-Disciplinary Model of Ethical, Reliable and Inclusive Production and Dissemination of Knowledge around Issues of Citizenship Today
Dr. Vassiliki Rapti, Dr. Meral Ekincioglu, Dr. Diana Ramirez-Jasso
Amidst the rising tension of exclusion, discrimination, harassment, and borders of all kinds by gendered political arguments and their strong influences on today’s society and academia, especially in the United States, there is an urgency for reliable data and accurate information sources on multicultural characteristics of the concept of citizenship, to support and promote inclusive and diverse understanding in (higher) education, academia and everyday life. Objective, verifiable, accurate, complete, precise and timely data and information on migrant and foreign-born citizens have a very significant potential to analyze, criticize and re-conceptualize inclusive citizenship. Yet these types of data lag behind in today’s education, academia and society. In order to be able to reverse this problematic and traumatic landscape, collaborative and multi-disciplinary approaches and models, based on human-centered design and open communication platform and supported through partnership with relevant research and cultural institutions can provide us a fertile ground to critically examine existing information sources on citizenship issues from various perspectives and to produce new solutions to their new, reliable versions for our collective future. Citizen TALES Commons provides such a paradigm. This presentation will elaborate a collaborative and multi-disciplinary model by Citizen TALES Commons revolving around issues of citizenship in the service of the public good, then, it will discuss current problems in Citizen TALES Commons' respective field(s) by means of reliable information on an inclusive and multicultural concept of citizenship, and finally, it will offer some solutions through Citizen TALES Commons members' research findings, case studies, recent theses and collaboration.
* TALES: Translators/Artists/Ludics Learners/Explorers/Storytellers