Penelope Kambakis Vougiouklis

PhD in Applied Linguistics | Multilingualism/Multiculturalism | Language Learning Strategies | Mathematical Models in Linguistics | Modern Greek Language as a Second Language | Dialects

Penelope Kambakis Vougiouklis is a Professor Emerita of Applied Linguistics, Democritus University of Thrace. She graduated from the Department of English, Faculty of Philosophy, Aristotles University. She holds a diploma on multilingualism/multiculturalism, Boston University, USA as well as an MA and a PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Wales, UK. Her scientific interests in MT and FL learning/teaching are focused on Language Learning Strategies but with emphasis on the possible confidence they inspire to the users as confidence might be crucial in the learning process. Moreover, she is interested in guessing as a processing and/or a learning strategy as well as dictionary use for self study and confidence building. She is also working in the area of empirical research methods based on the use of mathematical models and has introduced a new statistical tool, the V&V bar, based on the fuzzy theory. She is currently investigating studying/teaching/learning local dialects and their possible contribution to the process of language learning overall. She is the author of three monographs and more than one hundred papers in periodicals and proceedings of congresses, most of them refereed. She has also written handbooks for university students of Greek Language and Linguistics. She has served in administrative positions at Democritus University, including as Dean of the School of Philosophy for three years.