Patricia Lara Cruz

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Patricia Lara Cruz is a Physicist from the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México (UNAM), he completed his master's degree in Astronomy at the Institute of Astronomy of the same institution, under the tutorship of Dr. Arcadio Poveda. His main line of research has been the dynamics of planetary bodies in the solar system and of exoplanets. He has published in scientific and popular journals. She is currently carrying out her doctoral project under the supervision of Dr. Guadalupe Cordero Tercero, analyzing the Titius-Bode relationship and its connection with the stability of extrasolar systems.

She also has an astronomical outreach program  focused on mothers called "Mamá Astrofísica".

"My purpose is that scientific thinking be introduced into the daily lives of these women so that they are able to guide their children on the same path of science."