Meral Ekincioglu

Ph.D., Post-war Architecture

Architect · Scholar in Architecture History

Trained as an architect, Meral is a scholar in architecture with an emphasis on post-war architecture, women, and gender. Her recent academic studies concern politics of gender, multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion. Meral’s scholarly projects offer critical insight into the politics of gender in institutional policies, academia, the profession, education, history and history-writing in architecture, and examines cross-cultural relations and transnational practice in architecture.

As a researcher in Citizen Tales, her focus is on the potential for civic and social engagement in architecture, with particular attention to underrepresented communities within multicultural and diverse characteristics of architecture and society. Operating within architecture and its constructive dialogues with other scholarly disciplines and creative practices, her goal is to unfold hidden voices, issues, and critical facts to foster a humanist and collective future.