Peter Bottéas


Psychotherapist · Literary Translator · Editor

With a background in language, translation, and psychotherapy, Peter Bottéas sees himself as a cultural and linguistic bridge, and a cultural observer. As a trauma therapist, he understands how injuries of the past—ranging from insult and humiliation to abuse, inequity, oppression, violence, and loss—can leave painful wounds and profoundly influence how we move through the world, relate to others, and regard ourselves. Peter views language, creativity, artistic expression, and dialogue as powerful tools to address inequality, social justice, and societal change—all of which tie together in with Citizen TALES. He hopes to serve as a bridge, a sounding board, an observer, a listener, and a facilitator of thought and dialogue through this endeavor, and interact with people whose backgrounds and life experiences are different from his own. The framework inspired him to write, reflect, and have meaningful and enriching dialogue in unexpected ways. He hopes to contribute to change in troubled and disturbing times.