Zainabu Jallo

Scholar|Playwright |Portrait Photographer|Object Ethnography| Iconic Criticism |Diaspora Studies

Zainabu’s academic and creative works have been conveyed through Fellowships at the Sundance Theater Institute, The Institute for World Literature, Harvard University, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin, Residenz Theater Munich, Chateau Lavigny, and House of Writers in Switzerland. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts England, and UNESCO Coalition of Artists for the General History of Africa. She is the author of award-winning plays; Onions Make Us CryHoly Night, and My Sultan Is A Rockstar and a Doctoral researcher at the Graduate School of Humanities, University of Bern, Switzerland. Her scholarly interests include diaspora studies, iconic criticism, and material culture.

She is currently working on an intersectional project with other researchers on the Citizen TALES Commons member platform.