Georgia Stavridou-Bausewein

Dr. Georgia Stavridou-Bausewein, Ph.D. in German Philology and Empirical Pedagogy

German Philology | Empirical Pedagogy | Intercultural Communication, Education & Competence |

Social Pedagogy | Adult and Immigrants Education | Dialogue & Transaltion Dr. Georgia Stavridou-Bausewein holds a degree (Magister Artium) in German Philology and Empirical Pedagogy from the Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich. She holds a Master's degree in Intercultural Communication from the Munich University of Applied Sciences and a PhD in Intercultural Pedagogy from the University of Western Macedonia in Greece. She has worked for a number of years in Adult Education as a social pedagogy officer at the Department for Integration of Immigrants at the People's University of Munich (MVHS), as well as a teacher trainer for Intercultural Education.

For several years she has taught Cross-cultural Communication und Intercultural Learning at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, collaborated in various European research programs with Greek and German universities in the field of Intercultural Education and lectured at conferences on topics related to Intercultural Competence.

She is an active member of the Pedagogical Society of Greece, the Hellenic Observatory for Intercultural Education of the German Society of Intercultural Education Training and Research.

She lives between Thessaloniki and Munich and her interest - in addition to research und strengthening the intercultural skills of teachers - focuses on all kinds of intercultural transformation and dialogue, especially in the field of contemporary literature between Greek und German speaking cultures. As a Citizen TALES Commons member, she has undertaken the task to translate the poetry collection My Name is Eva (με λένε Εύα) by Despoina Kaitatzi-Choulioumi from Greek into German.